Biden Forces Critical Race Theory On Doctors, Eric Schmitt Fights Back

May 10 | Media Center

Theme: Biden Forces Critical Race Theory On Doctors, Eric Schmitt Fights Back

The liberal activists controlling Biden’s administration have expanded their campaign to force Critical Race Theory propaganda on all Americans. Now, Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has enacted a rule that penalizes doctors for not creating an “anti-racism” plan, and provides higher compensation to offices that enact Critical Race Theory policies.

Biden is forcing his liberal activist propaganda on doctors and distracting them from their critical work. Eric Schmitt is fighting back, leading a coalition of eight states in filing a civil rights lawsuit against Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“Critical race theory has no place in the healthcare profession. The Biden Administration is pushing their anti-racism agenda on healthcare workers who simply want to do their jobs,” said Eric Schmitt. “There is no room for race-based decision-making in medicine, and I will not allow providers to be penalized for refusing to bend to extremism.”

Learn more here: Missouri Attorney General files civil rights lawsuit against Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra

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Doctors should be focused on saving lives, not teaching Critical Race Theory. Eric Schmitt is taking on Biden’s woke propaganda and CRT indoctrination. #MOSEN 

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Eric Schmitt joined Varney & Co to discuss his lawsuit against Biden and the Big Tech executives that have colluded to silence Conservatives and police free speech online.

“The government can’t violate the First Amendment by suppressing speech, and the government can’t outsource that also to the Big Tech partners. And that’s what we’re alleging in this lawsuit. And we’re taking on two of the biggest, most corrupt institutions that are out there, big government and Big Tech,” said Eric Schmitt.

Watch here: Missouri AG targets Biden, Big Tech in free speech lawsuit: Taking on the ‘biggest, most corrupt institutions’

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