Eric Schmitt Demands Special Prosecutor For Hunter Biden Laptop

May 18 | Media Center

Theme Of The Day: Eric Schmitt Demands Special Prosecutor For Hunter Biden Laptop

The Biden administration and the Liberal Media labeled us as “conspiracy theorists” for knowing the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Now, the Biden administration is pulling out all of the dirty tricks to protect Hunter Biden and “The Big Guy.”  Eric Schmitt penned an op-ed in Newsmax demanding that the Department of Justice appoint a neutral, uninfluenced special prosecutor to investigate the misconduct of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption. 

“There’s little doubt the man called “Big Guy” in the contents of the laptop is Joe Biden, and the context of the communications in which he’s referenced raises very serious questions about his role in his son’s overseas business deals.

The appointment of a special prosecutor is the only way Americans can be guaranteed all the information discovered in Hunter’s laptop is investigated in an impartial manner and shared with the public in a transparent manner,” said Eric Schmitt.

Read here: Atty. Gen. Schmitt: Hunter’s Laptop Needs Special Prosecutor — Now

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In a @newsmax op-ed, @Eric_Schmitt demands the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

“Merrick Garland’s actions show he cannot be trusted to let all the facts come to light in the public arena.” #MOSEN

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