America First Isn’t Just A Slogan

May 27 | Media Center

Theme Of The Day: America First Isn’t Just A Slogan

Just like the rest of Biden’s agenda, his immigration policy is failing miserably. The cartels are making millions of dollars every month through their drug smuggling and human trafficking operations, border patrol agents are being put in increasing danger during their efforts to protect our country, and there is no end in sight. 

Rational leaders, regardless of their industry, typically have the same practical approach to fixing difficult problems: assess the damage, look at the facts, engage stakeholders, and offer a solution. Biden has chosen to disregard this method, and instead focus solely on the stakeholders–the liberal activists, pro-immigration social groups, and the Democratic base that has yet to comprehend the severity of this border crisis. The liberal apparatus controlling the White House has refused to provide any viable solutions to the illegal immigration disaster, and has only exacerbated an already dire situation through repeated inaction. 

Instead, the liberal news media has been dispatched to aid in Biden’s defense, attacking anyone who dares challenge the security of our southern border. The impacts of illegal immigration are apolitical and widespread. The fentanyl traveling from Mexico is killing indiscriminately, terrorists are entering our country with ease, and hundreds of thousands of illegal, unvetted migrats are crossing monthly. But according to liberal news sources like the Washington Post, even speaking of these concerns is “radical,” mischaracterizing the America First movement as a fringe group slogan. 

Eric Schmitt disagrees and won’t be intimidated by the Liberal News Industrial Complex. Eric Schmitt joined the Annie Frey Show to discuss his fight for our southern border, and to set the record straight on what it means to be America First. 

“America First isn’t a slogan, it means that we need to take care of the American people first,” said Eric Schmitt.

Watch Eric Schmitt’s interview with Annie Frey here: Eric Schmitt on 97.1 FM

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