New Polling: Eric Schmitt is Dominating in Missouri’s U.S. Senate Republican Primary

Jul 11 | Media Center

Eric Schmitt is SURGING in the polls. With 28% of the vote and a 42% net favorability, Eric Schmitt is comfortably leading the pack of primary challengers. 

This is HUGE news. Despite the fake news attacks, voters know that Eric Schmitt will always have their back and never stop fighting for the America First movement. 

In Case You Missed It:

Lou Dobbs had some GREAT things to say about Eric Schmitt last week. Eric Schmitt has earned quite a name for himself. He took on Biden’s forced vaccine mandate and won, he’s fought Critical Race Theory relentlessly, and he has become the biggest champion of American energy independence in the country.

Lou Dobbs knows this and had nothing but praise for Eric Schmitt and his America first fights. 

Eric Schmitt Exposes Liberal Propaganda In Missouri Classrooms:

The radical left is doing everything they can to indoctrinate children into believing their “woke” ideology. They have no respect for parents or the beliefs of children. The Democrats’ only want to divide and brainwash the future leaders of this country.

Eric Schmitt is fighting back against their radical plot, and exposing the woke curriculum in our schools. 

Upcoming Events:

Schmitt for Senate will be hosting volunteer call nights EVERY NIGHT at our campaign headquarters in Brentwood, MO. We hope you can join us and help push Eric Schmitt across the finish line!

– Team Schmitt

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