The Choice is Clear: Missouri Farmers Need Eric Schmitt

Aug 20 | Media Center

Missouri Farmers know who they are voting for in November, and it is not going to be for Biden’s woke socialist agenda. While inflation is at an all time high, Missouri farmers have supported Eric Schmitt due to his conservative policies and commitment to Missouri values. 

While Missouri’s Democratic nominee is failing to convince the public that she understands agricultural issues, Eric Schmitt has been fighting these destructive, socialist, and elitist policies promoted by the Biden administration that ruin the livelihood of so many fellow Missourians. 

“Farmers are hurting right now, inflation, fuel costs, that’s what you hear talking to real people and those are some of the things we need to address in Washington,” said Eric Schmitt. 

In Case You Missed It

Eric Schmitt was at the 120th Missouri State Fair and attended the Govenor’s annual Ham Breakfast. While our opponent was parading her million dollar horses across the fairgrounds, Schmitt was proud to receive the endorsement of both retiring senator Roy Blunt and Missouri’s Soybean Farmers. 

Outgoing Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt endorses Eric Schmitt to replace him

“As the state’s number one industry, it is imperative we have a friend of agriculture in this U.S. Senate seat,” said Matt Wright, Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) president. “We believe that Schmitt will advance and implement policy impactful to the soybean farmer and remain a sound supporter of domestic agriculture, biofuels and generational agriculture with a strong stance against the death tax.”

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From The Field: Eric Schmitt campaigned this week at the Missouri State Fair  

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We encourage you to share these messages with your friends and followers on social media. Eric Schmitt is a relentless fighter for Missouri, and with your help he can take the fight straight to Biden and Schumer in the U.S. Senate. Please encourage your friends and family to join our efforts and to receive daily campaign updates.

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