About Eric

Senator Eric Schmitt has deep family roots in Missouri, stemming from six generations of farmers, teachers, and small business owners in cities like Tipton, Pilot Grove, Louisiana, and St. Louis. During World War II, his grandfather served in the 7th Army and later opened a small butcher shop, where Eric’s father worked while earning a diploma through night school. Their experiences instilled in Eric the importance of hard work and resilience.

Eric and his wife, Jaime, have three children, Stephen, Sophia, and Olivia. His dedication to public service is largely inspired by his son, Stephen, who was born with a rare genetic condition and is non-verbal, on the autism spectrum, and suffers from epilepsy. Stephen motivated Eric to advocate for families and individuals like his, and he successfully led a bipartisan effort to ensure that Missouri families are covered when they need it most, including therapies for autism.

In November 2022, Eric Schmitt was elected as Missouri’s United States Senator and he has the privilege today of serving on the Armed Services, Commerce, and Joint Economic Committees. As a member of these committees, he is focused on dismantling the alliance between the federal government and big tech, halting China’s bid for global dominance, fighting to ease the economic burden and pain inflicted on Missourians and Americans by the Biden Administration’s reckless spending, and ensuring our military is the most revered fighting force in the world.

Before the U.S. Senate, Eric served as Missouri’s 43rd Attorney General. He was one of the leading state attorneys general to hold the Biden administration accountable and protect the Constitution and the America First Agenda. When Facebook was canceling conservatives and Google was using their platform to hurt consumers and businesses, Eric filed a lawsuit and launched a massive antitrust probe to stop Big Tech abuses. The case, Murthy vs. Missouri, is currently under review by the U.S. Supreme Court and examines whether the Biden White House infringed upon free speech rights by urging social media companies to remove content labeled as misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, censoring millions of American voices.

When President Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline and thousands of jobs with it, Eric demanded it be reinstated and filed suit. When President Biden and John Kerry circumvented the Constitution to set a “social cost” on greenhouse gases, a move that would cost not thousands but millions of jobs, destroy the energy and agriculture industries, and lower living standards for working families, Eric immediately sued him. When Joe Biden halted Operation Talon endangering American lives, Eric pushed back against President Biden, urging him to reverse his order.

During Trump’s presidency, Eric took the lead on backing up the Administration’s policies. He was the first Attorney General to sue China to hold them accountable for unleashing the coronavirus on Americans. Eric also joined a broad coalition of attorneys general who worked to ensure continued success in border security, domestic energy exploration to lower gas prices, and election integrity. Eric authored and led the brief supporting the Pennsylvania Republican Party against the unconstitutional actions of the Pennsylvania courts, and he authored and led a brief in support of Texas’ lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin before the United States Supreme Court, where 17 other states joined him.

Additionally, he led initiatives focused on public safety through the Safer Streets Initiative, cold case investigations, and addressing the opioid crisis. His commitment to justice extended to the SAFE Kit initiative, which helped provide closure and support for victims of sexual assault.

He has always had a passion for American Civics, as evidenced by his teaching of “21st Century American Civics” at his alma mater, Saint Louis University.

Eric also served as the 46th State Treasurer of Missouri. He fought to safeguard taxpayer funds and created a statewide tool to allow citizens to track government spending easily. Previously, he served as a Missouri state senator, where he authored tax cuts, advocated for those with special needs, and fought to end taxation by citation.

Eric graduated cum laude from Truman State University and received his law degree from Saint Louis University, where he served as an editor of the Law Review.