As Attorney General, Eric Schmitt defended President Trump at every turn and fought for justice for Missourians against the radical left, Big Tech, and even the Communist Party of China.

Now with Joe Biden in the White House and a liberal takeover in the House and Senate, we need a proven Conservative to take the fight to the Senate and save our values, our culture, and our country.


After they withheld information, arrested whistleblowers, and lied about the spread of the coronavirus, subsequently unleashing the virus on Americans, Eric was the first Attorney General to file a historic lawsuit against the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party. He will not shy away from any battle, even if it means suing an entire nation for wrongdoing.


It’s essential that we restrict risky dual use research, including Gain of Function research, that could lead to another pandemic. This means directing an agency separate from the NIH to coordinate biorisk regulations. The funders of such research must not be the ones to police themselves.

We also must invest to prevent the next pandemic in an America First way. The government spent trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to respond to Covid, when billions of strategic investments could prevent pandemics in the first place. Such fiscal irresponsibility is reckless, and must end.


When Facebook was canceling conservatives and Google was using their platform to take advantage of consumers and businesses, Eric took legal action and launched a massive investigation to stop Big Tech abuses. Eric will never let big companies or corporate greed come before the people of Missouri.


In the 2020 election, when glaring illegal actions involving our sacred elections surfaced, Eric authored and led the brief supporting the Pennsylvania Republican Party against the unbelievable and unconstitutional actions of the Pennsylvania courts. He also authored and led a brief in support of Texas’ lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin before the United States Supreme Court, and he was joined by 17 other states


During President Trump’s time in office, Eric took the lead on backing up the Administration’s policies, including his historic tax cuts, efforts to reduce needless and burdensome regulations, and building the best economy this country has ever seen. Since the Biden Administration has taken over the White House, Eric has taken a blow torch to Biden’s unconstitutional and unlawful policies to protect the America First Agenda. He has been on the front lines of every fight President Biden has waged against our jobs, our freedoms, and our safety.


In President Biden’s first month in office, he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline and thousands of jobs with it. Eric fought back with a lawsuit, demanding it be reinstated. Then, President Biden and John Kerry circumvented the constitution to set a social cost on greenhouse gases, a move that would cost not thousands but millions of jobs, destroy the energy, manufacturing, and agriculture industries, and impoverish working families. Eric immediately sued him again. Missourians’ jobs are not expendable, and Eric will fight any entity willing to sacrifice your livelihoods for a political agenda.


Eric is committed to keeping you and your family safe. In his first month as Attorney General, Eric launched the Safer Streets Initiative, an unprecedented cooperative effort between lawyers in the Attorney General’s Office and federal prosecutors to take on violent crime. To address the backlog of untested sexual assault kits, Eric launched the SAFE Kit initiative to bring justice for the brave individuals who came forward to tell their stories. He also launched the Office’s first Cold Case Unit to obtain justice for victims who have waited far too long. Recently, when Biden halted the Trump Administration’s Operation Talon, he endangered Americans by emboldening convicted sex offenders and human traffickers to cross our borders. Eric pushed back against President Biden, urging him to reverse his order in the interest of American lives.


Eric’s job as Attorney General is to safeguard and fight against efforts to restrict the constitutional rights of Missourians and protect the rule of law. Eric stridently opposed the radical left when they tried to stop the confirmations of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Eric can be trusted to vote for federal judicial nominees who understand the role of a judge is to look to the U.S. Constitution and interpret the law, not create laws or legislate from the bench.


Eric defended the religious liberties of a Missouri high school football coach when his Constitutional right was assaulted by an extreme group. The coach was accused of violating the U.S. Constitution for leading his players in prayer. Eric supported the coach’s fight against the Freedom From Religion Foundation, making clear the actions of the coach did not violate the Constitution since no player was forced to participate.


We need more fighters in Washington willing to stop the radical cancel culture agenda being advanced by the left that is destroying lives and suppressing speech. Eric is ready to take the radical left’s cancel culture movement head-on and protect our values.

Eric has proven over and over that he will boldly stand on the side of the rule of law.

He will remain the leader that Missouri can count on when he is in the U.S. Senate.