Eric Schmitt Leads The Heiress Valentine in New Poll

Sep 20 | Media Center

A new poll has Attorney General Eric Schmitt leading The Heiress Valentine by double digits. The polling is clear: Missourians want a Senator who fights for the needs of working-class families, not an out-of-touch Heiress who wants to double down on Biden’s reckless spending. Click on the link to find out more!  Click Here! In … Continue reading Eric Schmitt Leads The Heiress Valentine in New Poll


Sep 14 | Media Center

The August Consumer-Price Index Report was released this week, revealing inflation rose 8.3% in comparison to August last year. While real wages fell for another month, groceries continue to get more expensive, with grocery prices seeing its largest increase in 43 years (+13.5%). Gas soared 25.6%, while rent increased 6.7%. Utilities such as electricity and … Continue reading BIDENFLATION

Eric Schmitt’s Working Class Roots

Sep 8 | News

Eric Schmitt has always known hard work and grit, from starting work at a young age to law school, Schmitt has never backed down from a challenge. After graduating from high school, his grandfather opened a meat market here in St. Louis. His father worked seven nights a week on the midnight shift at Anheuser-Busch … Continue reading Eric Schmitt’s Working Class Roots

Happy Back to School Week

Aug 31 | News

In honor of school starting back up, let’s review what Attorney General Schmitt has done for students and parental rights here in our Missouri schools. As Attorney General, Schmitt championed the Parents Bill of Rights, fought to keep schools open during COVID-19, started the Students First Initiative,  and stands behind parental choice.  The Students First … Continue reading Happy Back to School Week