• 1 Senator Eric Schmitt & Family
    Senator Eric Schmitt with his wife Jaime and their three children, Stephen, Sophia, and Olivia.
  • 1 Senator Schmitt Volunteers
    Senator Eric Schmitt volunteers walk in the Manchester Days Parade.
  • 1 Senator Schmitt Volunteers
    Volunteers gearing up for the 4th of July Parade with buckets full of candy.
  • 1 Senator Schmitt Volunteers
    Senator Eric Schmitt and volunteers doing clean-up work during Kirkwood and Webster Groves Make a Difference Day.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign website.

On January 7th, 2009, I was sworn in to represent you, my neighbors and our community, in our state capitol. I am honored by the broad coalition of support I received throughout my first term. My wife Jaime and I are proud to raise our three children in this great community with all of you. Throughout my time in Jefferson City, I am continually reminded that what matters most to you also mattered most to our Founding Fathers: Results!

In the past three years, we have passed significant legislation aimed at job creation and economic growth while promoting fairness and accountability throughout Missouri. Whether by promoting fairness and transparency by requiring St. Louis County’s Assessor to be elected, maintaining a commitment to autism insurance reform, or encouraging job creation by eliminating an outdated and antiquated double-tax on Missouri businesses called the “franchise tax”, we have initiated innovations that will ensure growth and future development for all of Missouri.

Ultimately, we must set aside our differences and remember that we have far more in common than what sets us apart. If we commit ourselves to solving the problems we face together in a respectful, dedicated, and persevering manner, results will occur. Looking forward, we must secure the same opportunities and American ideals we share today to win the future for our children and our grandchildren. As your State Senator, I pledge to you that I will continue to promote thoughtful, problem-solving discourse throughout the Missouri General Assembly to harvest solutions that represent you and the State of Missouri as a whole and put people ahead of politics.

As my campaign gains momentum, I truly look forward to meeting all of you at community and campaign events. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my campaign for further information regarding my race to continue representing the 15th State Senate District. Your support is paramount to our success.


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