Eric Schmitt: A Tough Conservative Who Won’t Back Down

Mar 29 | News

ST. LOUIS – Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s campaign today released a new video launching his campaign for U.S. Senate and highlighting his conservative record and urging Missourians to join him in the fight to save America.
As a committed, lifelong conservative, Eric Schmitt can be counted on to fight for Missouri values, fight for the sanctity of human life, fight for religious freedom, fight to secure our borders, and fight against those who want to strip away our Second Amendment. 

Click here to watch the video.
I am Eric Schmitt. I am going to spare you the platitudes and get down to brass tacks.
I am running for the United States Senate to fight for Missouri values and defeat Socialism. 
We are barely two months into the Biden administration, and we can already feel our culture and our country slipping away. 
Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are pushing the most liberal agenda in American history. 
Open borders and amnesty. 
Taxpayer-funded abortion. 
Attacks on our religious liberties. 
Job-crushing regulations. 

Billion-dollar bailouts for blue states. 
And higher taxes for you. 
If you dare to disagree with this insanity the big tech censors will try to cancel you. 
The radical liberals want to silence every conservative voice. 
And they want to teach our children to despise America. 
Are you looking for a tough conservative who won’t back down? Then I am running this race for you. 
As Missouri’s law and order Attorney General, I have put violent criminals behind bars. 
I stood up for President Trump and sued to protect the integrity of the last presidential election. 
Now I am on the conservative frontlines suing to stop the Biden administration’s worst abuses.

As your United States Senator, I will be a champion for the American First Agenda.
President Trump built the strongest economy our country has ever seen. And I am going to fight to bring it back. 
My conservative values run deep.  I am a sixth-generation Missourian.  And a proud pro-life father of three.  I am a strong defender of your Second Amendment rights. I am tough on illegal immigration.  And I believe that government should be limited, spending should be constrained, and taxes should be low. 

God created this wonderful country that has provided so much for so many, and I refuse to let it be destroyed on my watch.  
We must stand up to liberals at every turn. 
This is the fight. Now is the time to save America.
I look forward to meeting you in the coming months to share my vision on how we can take our country back. 
God bless you and your families, and God bless America.
I’ll see you soon on the trail. 
For more information go to and @Schmitt4Senate on Twitter, and SchmittForSenate on Facebook.


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