Eric Schmitt on Vaccine Mandates: Biden ‘doesn’t respect the rule of law’

Jan 17 | News
Joins ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss SCOTUS decision on vaccine mandate, the Biden Administration’s lawlessness, and what’s at stake in the Missouri Senate Race

ST. LOUIS, MO –  Missouri Attorney General and US Senate candidate Eric Schmitt this week joined Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss last week’s historic win at the Supreme Court against the private employer federal vaccine mandate, how the fight continues against government overreach, and what’s at stake in the 2022 Missouri Senate race. Read highlights of AG’s Schmitt’s interview below.

On the win against vaccine mandates for hardworking Americans at the Supreme Court, AG Schmitt said: 

“It is a big win. It’s a big win for workers. It’s big win for the Constitution. It’s a big win for rule of law and individual freedom. People should be able to make these decisions themselves without being fired. OSHA was created to make sure forklifts beep when they back up, not force the medical procedure on eighty plus million Americans. That’s a big win. I also think it stands for a much larger proposition that these agencies — we cannot let them run wild here. You can’t try to fit an elephant and a mouse hole as one of the justices said. We can’t cede this much authority to the federal government. America has been the freest country in the history of the world. We believe in individual rights. We believe that when we spread out the power among the branches, we protect individual freedom. For those reasons, I think it’s a big win last week in the courts.”

On the Biden Administration’s lawlessness, AG Schmitt said: 

It should come as no surprise, which is why AG’s like me and others across the country, have fought so hard to protect people’s individual rights from a president that first wants to bulldoze the separation of powers and doesn’t respect the rule of law. By the way, this is the same administration that sicking the FBI on parents who are showing up to school board meetings in this country. This is about power and control, it always has been. It’s not about data or science, it’s about power and control, command and control. The left wants to make sure that they have an administrative state that issues these edicts and people have to follow. But thankfully, we live in the country where the rule of law still matters. A system of federalism where the states created the federal government, to be a government of limited powers. We’re going to continue to fight back and push back against this president who doesn’t respect the rule of law.

On what’s at stake in the 2022 Missouri Senate race, AG Schmitt said:

“Look, it’s a 50/50 Senate — there’s a lot at stake here. I think, the future of the Senate, if we’re going to have a majority, runs right through the Show Me State. You look and see what’s happening in Washington D.C. right now, Maria. You’ve got the Democrats, who control all the levers of power, who want to federalize our elections, add states to the union, pack the Supreme Court – we need proven conservative fighters that are going to go up there and stand for the rule of law. There’s a couple candidates in the race, quite frankly, that would take it from a top ten to a top five race. We cannot lose the seat. We need folks who are going to fight. That’s been my record – I’ve stood by President Trump and the America First agenda. I’ve taken a blowtorch to the Biden agenda and we are winning. We need reinforcements right now in Washington D.C. to save America. I’m very grateful for the support. We’ve gotten record fundraising support from Missourians. We are going to continue to fight back, and again, take that same fighting spirit to the United States Senate.”

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