Schmitt Statement On US Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s Retirement

Jan 26 | News

ST. LOUIS, MO – Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General and candidate for the United States Senate, issued the following statement on news of US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement. 
“As Attorney General, I’ve taken a blowtorch to the Biden Administration’s radical agenda to overturn President Trump’s accomplishments in the courts. With the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement, it is imperative that this vacancy isn’t filled with a liberal activist judge. His retirement makes clear we must retake the Senate in November. 
“President Trump rebuilt our judiciary by nominating individuals who adhered to the Constitution, respected the rule of law and who, above all, love America. The Left’s all-out assault on freedom and liberty in their obsession to fundamentally transform the country hangs in balance of the court. 
“As Senator, I will oppose all woke activist nominees who actively seek to undermine President Trump’s America First accomplishments from the bench and disrespect the rule of law.”

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