Commanding Win for Eric Schmitt in Debate as He Continues to Fight and Win to Take Our Country Back from Radical Left

Feb 12 | News

ST. CHARLES, MO – In a commanding win in today’s debate, Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Schmitt showed why he is the best candidate to fight and win to take our country back from the radical Left and restore President Trump’s America First agenda.  
“Missourians want a fighter to push back against Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and their radical liberal agenda,” said Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General and candidate for the U.S. Senate.  “While the D.C. establishment has been content with these consequences, or waiting around, hoping things might change after the next election, as Missouri’s Attorney General I have been taking action – taking a blowtorch to this radical agenda – fighting and winning.”
As Missouri’s Attorney General, Eric Schmitt continues to take a blowtorch to the radical agenda pushed by Joe Biden and leftists at all levels of government.  He is holding Joe Biden accountable for his mess at the Southern Border, which is flooding our country with life-destroying drugs and human traffickers.
Eric Schmitt has been fighting and winning against the COVID tyrants who want more power and control with their forced lockdowns, forced vaccine mandates and forced masking of schoolchildren.  He is Missouri’s law-and-order attorney general, supporting law enforcement and more funding for police.
Eric Schmitt said President Trump fought for the forgotten families – the blue-collar families – who work hard, play by the rules and cherish their God-given freedoms.
“These are the families I will never forget. They are the families I am fighting and winning for now as your Attorney General – and the families I want to continue fighting and winning for if the people give me the honor of representing them in the United State Senate,” Schmitt said. 


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