U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Endorses Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate

Feb 16 | Media Center

ST. LOUIS, MO – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a conservative champion in the U.S. Senate, today endorsed Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for the United States Senate.  

“I’m proud to endorse Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate in Missouri. Eric is a fighter who will hold China accountable, defend religious freedom, take on Big Tech, and he will protect American jobs,” said Senator Ted Cruz.

“Senator Ted Cruz is a conservative leader and fighter who has never been afraid to fight back against the Left who want nothing more than to eradicate our freedoms and accumulate more power and control,” said Attorney General Eric Schmitt.  “We need more fighters in the United States Senate like Senator Cruz, and I am honored to have his support in my campaign and in the fight to save America.”


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