Eric Schmitt Fights Against Woke Indoctrination

Apr 19 | Media Center

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In Case You Missed It: Schmitt for Senate announced the support of dozens of parents across the state who formed an official Parents for Schmitt coalition. With the announcement of the coalition, Eric Schmitt added: “As Attorney General, I have fought alongside parents against mask mandates and decisive indoctrination like critical race theory in our schools. I’ve worked tirelessly to pry power away from bureaucrats and return it to parents. As Missouri’s next U.S. Senator, I’ll continue my fight to empower parents and families.”

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Theme of the Day: Eric Schmitt Fights Woke Gender Indoctrination In Schools

Conservatives had MASSIVE victories in school board elections this month, with a wave of Republican candidates taking local school board seats and ousting liberal activists. But the fight isn’t over yet. The radical left is still teaching our children gender indoctrination and Critical Race Theory, and even worse: they’re hiding this information from parents. 

Eric Schmitt launched the Students First Initiative last month, which gives parents and students the ability to report objectionable content, like Critical Race Theory and gender indoctrination. This initiative increases curriculum transparency and puts parents back in charge of their child’s education.

Eric Schmitt Joined The Ingraham Angle to Expose Reported Content 

WATCH HERE —> The Ingraham Angle

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No other candidate for U.S. Senate has done more to protect children from Critical Race Theory and gender indoctrination than Eric Schmitt. He’s fought Critical Race Theory, uncovered the secrecy in schools, and has given parents power over what is taught to their children. Sign up to join Parents for Schmitt here:

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– Team Schmitt

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