Eric Schmitt Is Tough On China

Apr 21 | Media Center

Theme of the Day: Eric Schmitt Is Tough On China

Eric Schmitt was the first attorney general in the country to sue China for unleashing COVID-19 on the world, and was sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party for taking a stand to hold their corrupt government accountable. 

Eric Schmitt has slammed the Biden administration for revoking the China Initiative, a Trump plan that increased the United States ability to combat Chinese espionage. Instead of strengthening U.S. military and intelligence readiness, and with Chinese espionage and military capabilities at their highest point since the Cold War, Biden has put America at risk by bowing down to liberal activists. This is unacceptable, but unfortunately, just like “woke” corporations in the United States, Biden is too afraid of China to fight back. Luckily for Missouri, Eric Schmitt will fight China at every turn. 

“The world is a dangerous place and liberty is not preserved with pandering and political correctness,” said Eric Schmitt. “This decision by President Biden and his senior leadership projects weakness, emboldens our enemies, makes our country less safe and puts at risk the personal security of each and every American citizen.”

Read more here —> Biden admin slammed for ending Trump era ‘China Initiative’ amid Russia-Ukraine war: ‘Emboldens enemies’

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Missouri needs a Senator that doesn’t bow down and negotiate with Communist China. We need a fighter whose taken on China and won’t sacrifice American security to appease the woke mob. Eric Schmitt has stood up to China and won’t back down from a fight.

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– Team Schmitt

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