Eric Schmitt Fights For Trump Immigration Policy At The Supreme Court

Apr 27 | Media Center

Theme of the Day: Eric Schmitt Fights For Trump Immigration Policy At The Supreme Court

Once again, Eric Schmitt is taking Joe Biden’s disasterous border policies to task, and he’s winning. This time, Eric Schmitt is taking the fight to defend President Trump’s overwhelmingly successful ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy to the Supreme Court. Biden and his puppet masters, lacking any original policy ideas, have focused their administration on soiling the record and reversing the progress of President Trump. Eric Schmitt is standing up against these disasterous policies, and taking Biden’s failed immigration agenda to the highest court in the country.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Eric Schmitt’s lawsuit against the Biden administration’s plan to scrap President Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy. 

“Having Mexico be the waiting room is very important not just for the people that actually are not being sent into the interior of the United States never to be seen again, which is what Joe Biden wants,” Schmitt said. “But also I think it sends a very strong signal to Central and South America and to the cartels that there’s not a financial incentive for you to just get them across.”

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Eric Schmitt led the fight to save Title 42 and won. Now, he’s taken Biden to the Supreme Court to save ‘Remain In Mexico.’ Eric Schmitt won’t back down, and he’s not done fighting against Biden’s disastrous border policies yet. 

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