Eric Schmitt Fights Liberal Activists

May 12 | Media Center

Theme: Eric Schmitt Stands Against Liberal Activist’s Supreme Court Intimidation

Democrats have repeatedly shown their disregard for an unbiased Supreme Court by leaking the draft Dobbs opinion, threatening to pack the court, and protesting at the homes of Conservative justices. These liberal activists and lawmakers have engaged in a concerted effort to influence and weaponize the Supreme Court, and the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop members of his party from trampling on the objectiveness of the Supreme Court. 

Eric Schmitt is calling out the Democrats plans to intimidate the Supreme Court, blasting these liberal tactics.

“This is third-world thug kind of behavior with the intent to intimidate and get an outcome that they desire,” said Eric Schmitt. 

Watch here: Leftist protestors are trying to intimidate the Supreme Court | Eric Schmitt | ‘John Bachman Now’

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The Democrats will stop at nothing to intimidate and undermine the power of the Supreme Court. Eric Schmitt has called out this lunacy and demanded that Biden protect the independence of the Supreme Court. #MOSEN

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