Eric Schmitt Wins, Biden Disinformation Board Paused

May 19 | Media Center

Theme Of The Day: Eric Schmitt Wins, Biden Disinformation Board Paused

The importance of fighting back against Biden’s tyranny has never been more important. Because of Eric Schmitt’s fight against Biden’s authoritarian Disinformation Board, the Department of Homeland Security has paused their program, and removed the liberal activist they had in charge of policing free speech. This is a huge win for the First Amendment. 

Of course, the Liberal News Media wasn’t happy. The Washington Post called out Eric Schmitt, claiming that he launched a disinformation campaign against the board and its leader for simply stating the truth. The Fake News Cabal will not stop until Conservative voices are diminished to nothing but “conspiracy theories.”

Eric Schmitt joined Fox News to speak about his defense of free speech, and the Liberal News Media’s campaign against him. 

Watch here: Biden’s Disinformation Board Paused

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Eric Schmitt has beat Biden’s authoritarian Ministry of Truth, and the Liberal News Media is attacking him again. They can’t stand Conservatives standing up for their beliefs, but Eric Schmitt won’t back down. #MOSEN

In Case You Missed It: Biden’s Fiscal Policy Threatens Our Paychecks, Once Again

As if the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to hurt the wallets of hard working Americans already, Biden’s handlers who controll the most powerful government in the world have pitched a new plan to shoehorn liberal activist policies into the lives of unwilling Americans. 

The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration has issued a new rule requiring investment advisors to elevate investments into green energy and anti-climate change efforts in employee retirement savings investment decisions. This rule would mandate that financial advisors work not in the best interest of their customers, but in the interests of the same green energy companies that financed Biden’s presidential campaign. 

With out of control inflation and near record setting gas prices, the Biden administration’s policies are decimating our economy. Eric Schmitt is fighting back against Biden’s irresponsible fiscal agenda, writing a letter to the The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration demanding that Biden stop stealing from our wallets to fund his Green New Deal Dreams.

“Fiduciaries should not be encouraged to consider or be protected from legal action for elevating immaterial or speculative risks when investing or offering investment options for employee retirement savings. The Department should reiterate a fiduciary’s duty of prudence and loyalty, not weaken it,” the letter stated. 

Read more here: Biden admin risks Americans’ retirement accounts to push climate agenda, GOP leaders in 24 states warn

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– Team Schmitt

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