Eric Schmitt Fights Against Biden’s Big Government Power Grab

May 23 | Media Center

Theme Of The Day: Eric Schmitt Fights Against Biden’s Big Government Power Grab

Science has overwhelmingly shown the ineffectiveness of mask mandates and other pandemic power grabs. Despite this, the Biden administration is aligning the United States increasingly with the Chinese-influenced World Health Organization, allowing an unelected board of countries to dictate American policy through a new “Pandemic Treaty.” This is unacceptable. The United States cannot cede power and autonomy to any group that does not answer to the American people. 

Eric Schmitt joined Will Cain on the Tucker Carlson to discuss the dangers of this treaty, and his fight against Biden’s quest for complete control.

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In Case You Missed It: Eric Schmitt Scores Huge Win To Protect Our Southern Border

A federal judge sided with Eric Schmitt, issuing a temporary injunction against Biden’s attempt to repeal Trump’s Title 42 southern border protections. With this victory, Eric Schmitt continues to run up the score against Biden’s disastrous open borders immigration policies in the courts.

No attorney general has fought against Biden’s radical liberal agenda more successfully than Eric Schmitt. He’s taken on Biden’s forced vaccine mandate in the U.S. Supreme Court and won, blocked Biden’s attempt to destroy Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy, and has now ended Biden’s crusade to open our southern borders by protecting Title 42.

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A federal judge sides with @eric_schmitt and blocks Biden’s plan to stop Trump’s Title 42. This is a HUGE win in Eric Schmitt’s fight to protect the southern border. #MOSEN

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