What Is Going On In The White House?

May 25 | Media Center

Theme: What Is Going On In The White House?

Inflation is soaring, gas prices are at a near all-time high, and Biden’s open borders policies are bringing an astronomical amount of illegal drugs and migrants across the southern border. 

Biden’s trainwreck policies have derailed our country to near a point of no return. Under President Trump, the United States’ strong economy, safe borders, and stability was a beacon to the world, displaying American strength to the globe. Joe Biden and his liberal activist handlers have sought to undo the accomplishments of President Trump, and in their quest to rewrite history have destroyed our country in the process.

Eric Schmitt has been on the front lines fighting Biden’s agenda, protecting Missouri from the worst of Biden’s failed policies and fighting for the people of Missouri. 

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Biden’s policy of reversing President Trump’s accomplishments will be taught in future classrooms as a textbook example of presidential incompetence. @eric_schmitt has fought this madness at every turn. #MOSEN

Women for Schmitt Testimonial

There has never been an elected official that has fought for Missouri Conservatives values more than Eric Schmitt. As Attorney General, Eric Schmitt has fought Biden’s liberal agenda at every turn–protecting our schools, borders, and personal freedoms from activist policies that are opposed to the values of Missourians like me.

Missouri can’t afford to elect talking heads or backbenchers to the U.S. Senate. With the fate of our country on the line, Eric Schmitt is the only candidate with a proven track record of fighting for Missouri Republicans. That is why I am honored to serve as co-chair of the Women for Schmitt coalition. 

– Mary Hill, Women for Schmitt Co-Chair

We encourage you to share these messages with your friends and followers on social media. Eric Schmitt is a relentless fighter for Missouri, and with your help he can take the fight straight to Biden and Schumer in the U.S. Senate. Please encourage your friends and family to join our efforts and to receive daily campaign updates.

– Team Schmitt

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