Eric Schmitt Won’t Let Biden Destroy The Second Amendment

Jun 6 | Media Center

Theme: Eric Schmitt Won’t Let Biden Destroy The Second Amendment

Biden continued his assault against the Constitution last week, this time, focusing his efforts on dismantling the Second Amendment. “Shall not be infringed” isn’t a suggestion, it’s law. Biden’s plot to disarm Americans and take away our Second Amendment rights must be stopped. 

Eric Schmitt has fought Biden’s illegal, unconstitutional laws at every turn. Now, with the right to protect ourselves and our families on the line, Eric Schmitt isn’t standing down.

From The Field:

Eric Schmitt brought the house down in Jackson County. Over 100 grassroots Republicans came to support Missouri’s next U.S. Senator. Eric Schmitt was joined by former Missouri GOP Chair Kay Hoflander, Rep. Josh Hulbert, Rep. Dan Stacy, Rep. Jeff Coleman and Republicans around the Kansas City area that are ready to elect a true Conservative to U.S. Senate.

This MASSIVE showing proves what Team Schmitt has known for a long time–Missouri is tired of rank and file Republicans and is ready to send new leadership to Washington to get the job done.

Join Team Schmitt:

Eric Schmit is the only conservative fighter in this race, and grassroots Conservatives from across the state have joined in his fight to save our country from Biden’s rule. Do you want to help Eric Schmitt’s fight? Sign up below!

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