Red Flag Laws Are A Green Light For Tyranny

Jun 14 | Media Center

Theme: Red Flag Laws Are A Green Light For Tyranny

The Biden administration has done everything in its power to strip away our rights and take power away from the people. Simply being a Republican is a cancellable offense,  forced medical procedures are lauded, and wanting a voice in your childrens education somehow makes you a terrorist.

Now, Biden is attempting to pass the strictest gun control law in decades, further stripping away Americans freedom and eliminating our ability to defend our homes and families. As has been seen in many countries around the world, the disarming of the population is a precursor to totalitarian rule. 

Biden’s red flag laws open the door for the forced confiscation of the same tools we need to protect ourselves from Biden’s crime wave and the liberals “peaceful protests.” Undoubtedly, these red flag laws will be used to disarm political dissidents and crush those who stand for the Constitution. 

Eric Schmitt won’t let Biden get away with this, and joined Tucker Carlson to warn America of Joe Biden’s plot.

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