Major Endorsement: John Brunner Supports Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate

Jun 17 | Media Center

St. Louis – In one of the most significant endorsements in the Missouri U.S. Senate race, conservative leader, businessman, Marine, and patriot John Brunner today announced his endorsement of Attorney General Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate.  

“Eric Schmitt is the American First Fighter we all need in the United States Senate,” John Brunner said.  “I’m all in, joining Eric Schmitt because, as the toughest State Attorney General in America, he has proven he will fight and win, again and again, whenever our constitution is under attack. Eric Schmitt will always stand with liberty. 

“Eric Schmitt has demonstrated that he will always carry the torch of freedom into every battle knowing that our civil liberties and our human rights come from God, not government. 

“And I know that Eric Schmitt has a Vision for America – a Republic, where our citizens never give up the fight for freedom, as the cause of liberty demands nothing less than victory.

“I challenge all Missourians; the time is now – to unite and support Eric Schmitt as the next U.S. Senator from the Show-Me State.”

John Brunner endorsed Eric Schmitt at a BBQ event, which also featured President Trump’s lawman Matt Whitaker.  Whitaker, who has also endorsed Eric Schmitt, served as acting U.S. Attorney General under President Trump.

“As John Brunner wrote in his inspiring book Battlefield Verses, ‘In the battlefield of life, we are all on the front line.’  I am proud to have a real American patriot, John Brunner, standing on the front line with me in our fight to save America,” said Eric Schmitt.  “Liberty has no bigger champion than John Brunner.  John understands that our very liberties are at stake in this election.  He knows America desperately needs battle tested leaders who have a record of fighting and winning. Citizens all across Missouri believe, that together, we can restore again the American Dream, as President Trump declared, with the mission of “America First.”

“Eric Schmitt has truly taken the sword of justice to Joe Biden’s anti-freedom – America last agenda,” said John Brunner.  “He’s taken on the COVID tyrants who want more power and control – Big tech overlord censors who want to eliminate free speech – Indoctrinators, masquerading as educators, who want to teach our kids to hate America – Open-boarder socialists, encouraging illegal immigration, illegal drugs, and human trafficking – China’s totalitarian tyranny of pandemics, forced labor, and religious persecution.  Eric Schmitt continues to fight them all – He never gives up and he’ll never give in.

“American citizens are burdened with debt and crushing inflation. Despair, as dark clouds, are rolling across our land. Eric Schmitt is leading a rescue mission to save our country – and with the support of citizens across this great state – and with God’s grace and mercy, there can be hope for America again.”

About John Brunner:

After his service as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps, John engaged in business as an entrepreneur and manufacturer.  Within three decades he built a small family business located in St. Louis, into a nationwide leader in the industry.  He is also actively committed and personally involved in worldwide Christian missions, relief organizations, and assisting our wounded veterans and their families. 

John was a candidate for the U. S. Senate in 2012, and for Governor of Missouri in 2016, and was highly engaged with young people in a nationwide organization that elected over 173 constitutional conservatives to state legislatures all across America. Widely regarded for his service in the United States Marine Corps and as an ambassador for his deep Christian faith and principles, Brunner is the author of Battlefield Verses, a collection of inspiring spiritual messages.  John has been married to his wife, Jan, for 44 years. They have three children and twelve grandchildren.

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