Eric Schmitt Is Taking A Blowtorch To The Biden Agenda

Jul 5 | Media Center


America First U.S. Senate candidate Eric Schmitt today released the ad “Blowtorch,” highlighting his record of taking a blowtorch to Joe Biden’s socialist agenda. As Attorney General, Eric Schmitt fought Biden’s open border policies, sued Biden over COVID mandates, and stood with President Trump to stop election fraud. 

“I’ve prioritized fighting Joe Biden’s socialist agenda at every turn and I’ll guarantee to bring that same fighting spirit in the U.S. Senate,” said Eric Schmitt. “Missouri needs a proven conservative fighter, not a proven quitter. I’ll never stop taking a blowtorch to the radical Democrats’ agenda in Washington.” 


Gun Owners of America endorses Conservative fighter Eric Schmitt for Missouri’s open U.S. Senate seat. This is a HUGE endorsement. Eric Schmitt took on New York’s illegal and restrictive gun laws in the U.S. Supreme Court and WON. This is the leadership we need in the U.S. Senate, and this is why Gun Owners of America support Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate.

“With Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi hellbent on canceling the Second Amendment, Eric Schmitt is the fearless and effective Second Amendment warrior we need in Washington, D.C.,” said Tim Macy, Chairman of Gun Owners of America.

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of Gun Owners of America. I led the briefing in New York Pistol and Rifle v. Bruen and delivered a huge win to the American people, but I will never let my guard down. I look forward to every opportunity to defend our God given rights secured by the Second Amendment.,” said Eric Schmitt.


There is no better place to celebrate America’s independence than on a parade route in Missouri. Eric Schmitt joined O’Fallon’s Heritage & Freedom Fest Parade to kick off Independence Day. The crowd was ENERGETIC and fired up to see America First fighter Eric Schmitt. 


Schmitt for Senate will be hosting volunteer call nights EVERY NIGHT at our campaign headquarters in Brentwood, MO. We hope you can join us and help push Eric Schmitt across the finish line!

– Team Schmitt Director Corbin Keown

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