Eric Schmitt’s New Ad Has The Liberals Fired Up

Jul 6 | Media Center

The liberal outrage machine is at it again. The Democrats know that with Eric Schmitt in the U.S. Senate, he’s going to take Joe Biden’s socialist agenda head on, and they’re scared.

The Democrats have already attacked Eric Schmitt for making Missouri the first state in the country to outlaw abortion, fighting Biden’s open border policies, and defeating forced vaccine mandates. Now, the liberal news media is on the offensive against Eric Schmitt’s new ad and have made him public enemy number one. 

The “woke” left can’t defend their failed policies, so they’re attacking and silencing anyone brave enough to fight back. Eric Schmitt will never back down, and will never let the liberal trolls prevent him from standing up for Missouri Conservative values.

In Case You Missed It

Eric Schmitt penned an op-ed in Townhall, outlining the need for Trump Republicans in the U.S. Senate. The Democrats are out of control. Biden has weaponized the DOJ to go after parents, Big Tech is suppressing Conservative’s First Amendment rights, and the liberal’s open borders policies have turned every state into a border state.

This is the time for real America First leaders who will stand up against this madness and hold the Democrats accountable.

Read More at Townhall: We Need More Trump Republicans Who Will Fight Like Hell & Get the Answers America Deserves

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