‘Grill Dad’ Ad is Hitting the Airwaves

Sep 29 | Media Center

Attorney General Eric Schmitt has just launched a new TV ad and we are hitting the airwaves starting today!

Republican nominee for U.S. Senate and Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt released his first broadcast TV ad of the 2022 general election. “Grill Dad” Eric Schmitt highlights how rising inflation in Joe Biden’s economy impacts the life of every Missourian. 
“Moms and dads are finding it more and more expensive to live in Joe Biden’s America,” said Eric Schmitt. “Joe Biden and his radical allies have caused this rising inflation. In the U.S. Senate, I’ll end wasteful spending and continue fighting to put money back in your pocket.”
Under the Biden-Schumer agenda, supported by Trudy Busch Valentine, inflation is at record levels. Groceries prices have seen their largest increase in 43 years.


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