Americans are Paying the Price for Democrats’ Anti-Police and Soft-on-Crime Policies

Oct 3 | Media Center

October is Crime Prevention Month and with radical Democrats pushing soft-on-crime policies across the country, it is more important than ever to send law-and-order candidates to Washington.  Attorney General Eric Schmitt backs the Blue and has a record of making our streets safer. Eric Schmitt launched the Safer Streets Initiative; worked with legislators to pass important legislation to prosecute carjackings effectively; launched the Cold Case Unit; and championed common-sense policy solutions to support our first responders, including championing higher pay and relaxing residency requirements.  

Attorney General Eric Schmitt has always supported our law enforcement officials who protect us day and day out. The Heiress Valentine can’t say the same as she remains silent and REFUSES to condemn the Democrats that push radical anti-police positions. 

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Attorney General Eric Schmitt is leading The Heiress Valentine by double digits in the U.S. Senate race. Missouri knows Eric Schmitt is the CLEAR choice and will fight for Missourians everyday in the United States Senate. 

Click here to read the full article and to see the polling. 

New Ad: Eric Schmitt Released ‘Hard Work,’ Highlighting His Working Class Roots. 

Attorney General Eric Schmitt released his second broadcast TV ad of the 2022 general election. The ad highlights Eric Schmitts working-class roots and the lessons learned from his dad, who worked the midnight shift at the Anheuser-Busch brewery. 

“My family taught me the value of hard work and that the promise of America should be attainable for anyone, no matter your background,” said Eric Schmitt. “The Democrat’s radical policies endorsed by The Heiress Valentine are costing hardworking Missourians not only more at the pump, the grocery store and for utilities—but a shot at the American Dream. In the Senate, I’ll fight for the forgotten men and women of this country every single day.


Schmitt for Senate Volunteer Signup

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– Team Schmitt

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