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    Eric Schmitt Leads The Heiress Valentine in New Poll

    Sep 20 | Media Center

    A new poll has Attorney General Eric Schmitt leading The Heiress Valentine by double digits. The polling is clear: Missourians want a Senator who fights for the needs of working-class families, not an out-of-touch Heiress who wants to double down on Biden’s reckless spending. Click on the link to find out more!  Click Here! In … Continue reading Eric Schmitt Leads The Heiress Valentine in New Poll


    Sep 14 | Media Center

    The August Consumer-Price Index Report was released this week, revealing inflation rose 8.3% in comparison to August last year. While real wages fell for another month, groceries continue to get more expensive, with grocery prices seeing its largest increase in 43 years (+13.5%). Gas soared 25.6%, while rent increased 6.7%. Utilities such as electricity and … Continue reading BIDENFLATION

    The Choice is Clear: Missouri Farmers Need Eric Schmitt

    Aug 20 | Media Center

    Missouri Farmers know who they are voting for in November, and it is not going to be for Biden’s woke socialist agenda. While inflation is at an all time high, Missouri farmers have supported Eric Schmitt due to his conservative policies and commitment to Missouri values.  While Missouri’s Democratic nominee is failing to convince the … Continue reading The Choice is Clear: Missouri Farmers Need Eric Schmitt

    It’s Time to Drain the Swamp

    Aug 16 | Media Center

    The Biden administration and their radical woke agenda have destroyed our economy, reversed every America First policy, and weaponized the very government agencies created to protect us.  “This stuff is out of control. The American people see it, and they know what’s going on … every American ought to be very concerned about this kind … Continue reading It’s Time to Drain the Swamp